About me

Julia Filament (1994)

Born in Ukraine, now live and work in The Netherlands.

I came to the Netherlands approximately 5 years ago. Since then I was inspired by new society I came to, my personal experiement of surviving between "other" people and "their" new culture.

My works show interest in psychology and philosophy (which is the biggest source of inspiration for me), sometimes coloured by my own experiences. The relationship between people, their communication, influence of society on personality, his or her self- and world-perception are the subjects for research. Those factors behind the formation of the personality interest and fascinate me. Currently I work with the big subject "where 'the real you' begins?".

I use human body as "the language" to discuss various social and psychological topics. Through my art I want to share my own ideas with the world and make people more aware of the certain themes. My role as an artist is not to answer the questions, but to inspire people to be open to asking questions and trying to look at already knows subjects from different points of view.

"Art is my way to talk to the world by visual language. The world around inspires me, I absorb the beauty of nature, complexity of human being and the way of person who is going through life. Me, at the same time a subject which I investigate day by day, and a creator. This combination allows me to develop not only technically beautiful image, but a conceptual image with philosophy, deep meaning and the space where every viewer can find own reflection."

"Julia Filament"


  • Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam - graphic design (corporate) (2018 - now)
  • SAE Institute, Amsterdam - 3D modelling and animation (2014);
  • Kiev Institute of Fine Art and Design, Kiev - Fine art and Design (2010-2013);
  • Private fine art classes, Kiev (2010);
  • Visual Art School, Kiev - Fine art (2002-2009).



  • Open Expo - Stedelijk Museum Schiedam - group exhibition;
  • KunstSchouw | Kerkwerve - art fair;
  • Geuzenmaand - Museum Vlaardingen & KADE40
  • 2017

    • De Grote Kerk Overschie, Rotterdam - group exhibition during "open monumenten dag";
    • "Now & Then" Exhibition at Neck Of The Woods, Rotterdam - group exhibition & art direction;
    • "Ecce Homo Videns" at KunstWerk, Schiedam - group exhibition in duo with Look J. Boden;
    • "Cultuur Werk Plaats" Exhibition space, Vlaardingen - solo exhibition;
    • Gallery R, Rotterdam - group exhibition with Marco de Waal and Corne Akkers;
    • "My Rotterdam" ArtAttack Gallery, Rotterdam - group exhibition


    • ArtAttack Gallery, Rotterdam - group exhibition;
    • Webster University "Imagination gain, imagination loss", Leiden - group exhibition;
    • De Fabriek "Open dag of De Fabriek", Rotterdam - group exhibition;
    • Erasmus University "Body for real", Rotterdam - group exhibition;


    • Open Draw year Exhibition, Haarlem - group exhibition;
    • International Life Drawing Society year exhibition - group exhibition;


    • 301 Gallery "ViviDarkness", Amsterdam - solo exhibition;
    • Coffee Art Festival "Grow humanness", Amsterdam - winner of the competition;


    • Institute of Fine Art and Design year exhibition, Kiev - group exhibition;
    • Design projects year exhibition, Kiev - group exhibition;
    • Culture Centre Year Expo, Kiev - Group exhibition;


    • Institute of Fine Art and Design year exhibition, Kiev - group exhibition;
    • Design projects year exhibition, Kiev - group exhibition;


    • Winner of Ukrainian National Art exhibition & competition (2010);
    • Young artists community "Krasa rukamu molodih" exhibition - group exhibition (2006);
    • Regional art competition "I want to live in the quality world", Bila Tserkva (2006).



  • "Smash The Narrative" Art Prize & Exhibition at GO Gallery Amsterdam - Organising and Curating the art exhibition


  • "Now & Then" Exhibition at Neck Of The Woods, Rotterdam - Organising and Curating the art exhibition


  • Presentation at Garage Cafe #2, Garage Gallery, Rotterdam;
  • Art Collaboration with Barry Feteris "I'Mperfect";
  • Art Collaboration with Shireen Music Band, Castlefest;
  • Design of products and art styling of "60 jaar Burg. Baumannlaan" Overschie;
  • Art Direction of video project "Steel Wounds & Beaten Sounds" in collaboration with Jasper Van Gheluwe and Ensemble Klang, Rotterdam;
  • PechaKucha, Arminius, Rotterdam;
  • Art Direction of "No connection" performance in collaboration with Codarts University students, ArtAttack gallery, Rotterdam;
  • "Art as therapy" project, Rotterdam;
  • 2015

  • Online Teacher of Digital Painting & Adobe Photoshop professional at Trivendo company, Switzerland;
  • Owner of one-man-company JFilament;
  • Organiser of Lecture tour "Nudity in Art", ArtAttack gallery, Rotterdam;
  • Organiser of International Life Drawing Society, Amsterdam and Rotterdam (2013-2015);
  • 2010 - 2014

  • Storyboard artist for "Natuur in Delta" movie, EMS Films, Amsterdam;
  • Research and lecture "The role of advertising and its influence on art", Institute of Fine Art and Design, Kiev;
  • Research and Lecture "Colour psychology", Institute of Fine Art and Design, Kiev;
  • Winner of the Fine Art competition of Kiev region artists;
  • Winner of the Fine Art competition "Improve the quality of life", Kiev.