Unsweetened | Spirit of White Side

A new project, where my White-Side takes revenge on me for being not noticed for a long time because of Black Side dominance. White-Side spirit comes up and becomes those visual images. It doesn't leave me until I make a visual image like those 2 creatures.
The name "Unsweetened" came up, when I realised that they bring a feeling of bleached, completely lifeless, clean even too sterile being. It has no taste, no feeling, no emotion, no action, but stays strong and says its own story.

Digital painting and photomanipulation, Adobe Photoshop CC, Wacom graphic tablet

Portraits | Reflection of Emotion

How many emotions our eyes can reflect during the day, our mimicry communicates with others even when we are not aware of it. It is a big challenge for me to work with human face, create those portraits, but every time I feel, that those emotion should be fixed, should be painted and the beauty of human being should be a subject I speak about in my art.

Digital painting, Adobe Photoshop CC, Wacom graphic tablet