Photo collaboration with Marco de Waal

Inspired by "No connection" collection.
Full album can be found here.

Model: Julia Filament
Photographer: Marco de Waal Photography (


Garage Cafe #2

Speaking about the power of art with my great performer (art dancer) Julia Gomez Aviles.
It was a nice event supported by William de Koning Academie together with Garage Rotterdam Gallery to let artists speak about their projects and creative activity. Great opportunity to present yourselves and to meet other creative people.



The calendars, with my last collection of painting in it and quotes about love on every page, are printed! They are A4 sized with space for notes of birthdays and yearly important dates.

They are for sale!

If you would like to get one for yourself or as a gift, feel free to Contact me. I can send it by mail or you can pick it up in Rotterdam.


Now & Then exhibition (2016-2017)

I'm happy to announced that I am one of initiators-organisers of the project. More information here:

Four artists: Julia Filament, Jessica van Deursen, Huma Birgul, Marit de Wit are initiating the collaboration to let artists from Rotterdam (or currently living there) to show their projects (fine art, photo, video, performance) and share creative activity (poetry, music, etc.). Now the project is open for applications (till 30.01.2017). 15 participating artists will be selected.

"When new people come to the to the city, they see only how it is now - beautiful and clean. They tend to think it was always like that, because it is hard to imagine that one day it was different, it was destroyed, almost no trees were growing. Same with artists. When people look at their art now, they can not imagine which way they went through, simply, because they didn't see it. It always seems to be easy what people already can do, but only by looking at the history of their development we can realise how important it is to keep developing your skills and not give up on the way, because only if we keep going, we can achieve what we are aiming for." Julia Filament

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for artists who's artistic career is linked to Now&Then concept (for example: you have changed your medium, subject, migrated, had an accident, something which changed your life and influenced your art). We would like to show your past and current activity. Time distance between "now" and "then" is not important. The most important is the story and visual explanation of your personal artist's way. Share with us what is the reason behind the changes in your art and the role of art in your way through life.

Why Rotterdam?

As we know Rotterdam is very international city with an impressive history. One day, it's heart was completely destroyed by WW2 but what we see now is a modern beautiful city. Why? Simply, because people here believed in its future and kept going and seeing opportunities in the situation.
We believe, that the historical moment of Rotterdam is a great motivational point for everyone, especially for people who had some similar "changes" in their life, but keep going and creating.


We plan to organise the exhibition in April-June.

If you are interested to take part, please download the file here (.docx)



Love has no boundaries

The new collection is already on my website and I just finished the collection and the following happened:
I saw news on Dutch National Television and on Facebook a few weeks ago...
This could happen in other countries, but not in Netherlands. Although the good thing is that it is actually in the news and not taken for granted. People spreading hatred and intolerance for sexual preferences instead of supporting each other and trying to make this world better by selfdevelopment. Instead of being angry with those messages I choose to respond with love, because:
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." Martin Luther King, Jr.

On my Facebook art page I made an everyday-post with pages from my calendar, based on this collection. Each of them includes a painting and a motivational quote. You can support the project and spread the love by sharing it, getting the calendar for yourself or others who you love. Or just give kind words to people around you.


No connection | The story of the concept

Already many times I was asked to explain my No connection collection. Not sure if it is good idea in general to explain art. Isn't it better to let people experience it themselves and find something personal there? But this time I felt like the story behind this concept was a part of it and should not be hidden. So it is here for you - a video, in which I share the concept and show the photos of process.


YOU SEE? - Full video of the performance

Video by: Felipe Pipi
Choreography by: Julia Gomez Aviles
Music by: Alberto Granados Reguilon
Inspired by "No connection" collection by JFilament

Thanks to AKOM Ensemble and Codarts.


Inspired by Today

So, spontaneously I have recorded 3 videos (intro + 2 full videos) where I try new paintingmediums for the first time.
On the festival, organised by Harolds (art supplies shop in Rotterdam), I have got a trial set of Liquitex acrylic paint, which is very unusual and includes different types of paint, a marker and medium. The second video is about a set of 12 aquarelle (watercolor) markers, which amazing for watercolor addicts, as I am.



Watercolour Markers:


Poster for Shireen music band

So happy to share the result of our cooperation with Shireen! I was inspired by their music and the atmosphere which is created by it. There will be more artworks to come, which are part of the design of upcoming album, so stay turned.

There are only 100 physical pieces of this artwork, printed on A2 poster paper and individually signed and numbered.
You can get your own poster on Castlefest (Saturday 6th of August at the merch boot of the Village stage around 13.45, or on Sunday 7th of August at the main stage merch boot around 13.30)! Or order it online through contacting me or Shireen through the website until all are sold out!

Artwork project credits:
Photo styling and digital editing by: JFilament
Photograpy by:
MUAH by: MUA Linda Brakenhoff


"Steel Wounds & Beaten Sounds"

So happy to announce this beautiful video project!
It is a collaboration between JFilament and Deer & Wolf Productions. A dance video to bring paintings alive.

Steel Wounds & Beaten Sounds | Ensemble Klang

Art-director: Julia Filament
Director of Photography: Jasper Van Gheluwe | Deer & Wolf Productions
Dancers: Alexandre May and Julia Gómez Avilés
Music: composed by Pete Harden | performed by Ensemble Klang


Performance "You See?"

I'm so glad to see how "No connection" connects people!
This performance which has happened in the end of May at Maaspodium (Rotterdam) was created by very talented choreographer Julia Gomez Aviles in collaboration with 8 dancers. Music was created by Alberto Granados Reguilon specially for this dance. The performance "You see?" was inspired by the concept of my paintings "No connection".
I am so proud of the dancers and musicians! They did a very good job on representing the blindness of human, the isolation in our society.

Poster design by JFilament
Photo by Olivia Lecomte


Open day "De Fabriek"

We had an open day of " De Fabriek" art collective, so studios of our creative members were open, art exhibited.
As a part of collective I was invited to exhibit my art there as well, so I had an awesome opportunity to present my last 5th couple of "No connection" (which you can see here, on my website, just click on "No connection" on the left part of the website).
It was such a great event! Many people came to visit us, asked about our creative processes, could see studios from inside and some artworks which are still in progress.


Imagination Gain // Imagination Loss

Great news! My paintings "Light and Shaded" of "No connection" collection were exhibited in the Webster University in Leiden during exposition "Imagination Gain // Imagination Loss".

Photo by Casper de Weerd


Vernissage in the gallery ArtAttack Rotterdam

That was a great evening! A lot of beautiful art around, great music and dance, full gallery of guests and artists!
Also there was an amazing performance with live sculptures, as a part of my conceptual paintings "No connection", which are exhibited there now. Dancers with cubes on their heads (same as on my paintings) silently came into the gallery and were gracefully moving through the audience, reflecting the mood of my artworks and feelings which they have got by looking at them. It was unforgettable!

Dancers performing: Julia Gómez Avilés, Alexandre May, Berkay Kuskonmaz

By the way my 2 diptychs of "No connection" collection will stay exhibited till July. You are welcome to visit the gallery (every day from 13:00 till 17:00) and I will be there on Thursdays!

See you there!


The 4th set of "No connection" collection is almost finished!

Very excited to share the result with you. So in a meanwhile share the process of painting :)

Here you can see how the paintings were developing from beginning till the end. By slow changing of photos you can see changes which were done on each stage of painting. Also I took photos of the details and unique moments during painting, which were covered by the next layer of paint right after photo was taken.
It's pleasure for me to open my studio and process for you.

Music: Wet fingers - Turn me on

Thank you for watching!


Dear art lovers and friends!

I invite you to the opening event in the ArtAttack Gallery Rotterdam, where 4 paintings of my last collection "No connection" are exhibited! There will be a performance, live music, live sculptures and many more interesting things. Also you will be able to meet all artists who exhibit in the gallery and enjoy the evening surrounded by art with nice drinks and snacks.
Looking forward to see you there!

When: 9 April 2016, from 16:00H
Where: AelbrechtsKolk 25c, 3025HA Rotterdam

More information (in Dutch):


ACE EXPO "Body for real" 2016

So proud! My 6 paintings "No connection" were exhibited at the Erasmus University during
"Body for real" exposition in Rotterdam


Nudity in Art & Photography - lecture and discussion organised by JFilament in cooperation with ArtAttack gallery (Rotterdam)

19th of February we had a special evening - listening the lecture about nudity in art. What is nudity? Why people are so in love with it and so afraid of it at the same time? So many questions are always around this subject…
Our 3 speakers Keith Brighouse (photographer), Look J. Boden (photographer) and Yudith (model) shared with us their philosophy and openly discussed this theme.

It was such a great evening!

(Photo by Godfried van Utrecht)


With a great help of very kind people I've created this book of art!

The text inside is in Dutch and English. The artworks present different periods of my life and reflect the state of mind.

This art book will be given together with each artwork (when it’s sold) to share with people the story about the artist.


I am very happy to announce the promo video made for the project Nudity in art & Photography organised by me in collaboration with gallery ArtAttack Rotterdam!
Check it out!

All information about event:

Don't forget to sign up ;)
Attendance is limited!

Video created by:
Mikki Sindhunata - Director
Daan van Beek - Camera

Look J. Boden, Yuddith & Kees de Vries


Just picked up paintings form the framing shop!
They are my early works (2012-2013) painted with watercolour and ink on special paper. So, now they are finally framed, protected and prepared for exhibiting and sale.


In this video I am working on the 3rd couple of "No connection" collection. From the beginning till the end.
For now the paintings are finished and getting dry.

"You start with an idea... Try it, make mistakes, correct them. You look for the right solution, try different techniques... Carefully go step by step, even when there is no power anymore... Why..?
Because of love for art!"

Thank you for watching!


I remember it was around May 2015, when I just recently moved to Rotterdam... My boyfriend showed me a room in De Fabriek and said: "here you can paint!". It was just a big empty room, but I was so lucky to get that space and start working on my first big oil painting (in Netherlands).
Since that time I learned: "There is no excuses not doing something. If you really want it, you will find a solution, you will break rules, organise environment... you will make the best out of each situation!"
That's how my first cube-head was born.

At the start of this new year, I wish you all to have a lot of opportunities to make your dreams come true, and a lot of strength to become the best version of who you are and... not to give up on your wishes!

Happy 2016!


The double feeling, when your paintings are not in your art studio any more… Your eyes still look for them and then you realise that they are in better place - they have found a new home. It was my the first sale in Rotterdam (Netherlands). I am so thankful, for people to buy my art and made them a part of their beautiful interior. I wish it makes them happy!

Welcome to my website

As an artist I admire the world in all its forms and manifestations, absorb it fully and respond in my own way by creation of visual art using all spectra of painting and drawing mediums. I consistently develop artistic techniques and discover philosophical ideas to apply them to my own paintings.