Ecce Homo Videns Exhibition

I invite you to visit the exhibition Ecce Homo Videns in which the looking man centred.
For me it was a new experience of the collaboration with a great photographer Look J. Boden. We have created a new for both of us work which is leaving the borders of the flat picture and becomes an experience art. I have never done something like that before.
So, you are welcome!

Opening (Vernissage): Sunday 23 april 15.00 uur. (with a performance from Look J Boden and Zhanhong Liao)
Finissage: Sunday 21 mei 15.00 uur. (with a performance from Marian de Wilt en Zhanhong Liao)

Boterstraat 81, 3111 NB Schiedam, KunstWerkt

Zhanhong Liao - Tao Sirui
Look J Boden - Julia Filament
Karin v. As - John v. Heijningen
Willem v. Hest - Marita Beukers
Rob v. d. Ven - Pim v. Halem
Hans Sloot - Ton Biesemaat
Joost Konings - Zoe Reddy
Jan v. Dorp - Joel Bonk
Aldo Hoeben - Gerjanne Beumer
Annemarie v. Ulden - Frieda Mellema