When your "rest month" is still "a working month", but you are happy.

March, April and May were super busy for me, in June I promised to have a bit slow month, to finish all the past unfinished projects. In the end I was working same tensed but not in outside world, more in my studio and behind the laptop. Out of that new project came out.

The "Love has no boundaries" collection has designated once more that my love to human body is stronger than every other subject in my art, so I let myself free to be completely absorbed by human body and "go into depth of it".

Currently I am busy with few different styles of paintings, creating few new collections based on psychology, as a subject for my unlimited researches, but also the paintings which simply underline a pure beauty of creation, human as a element of nature.

As soon as collections are finished, they will appear on the website. Till that time y process of creation, blog, videos of process and in-between works you can find here: