Opening Art exhibition "Geuzenmaand"

2018 is here! It started already quite busy!

First of all I want to thank you all who supported me and stayed with me in 2017. It is incredibly valuable for me. Without help of some people that year would not be so progressive and fun./

But in 2018 some plans are already fixed in my agenda. So, I would like to share it with you.
First of all 4 exhibition already are confirmed and 3 of them are just waiting for the announcement.
One of them is announced and you are warmly invited to join it at the opening:

Thursday, March 8
Opening Art exhibition "Geuzenmaand"
8 pm, Museum Vlaardingen, Westhavenkade 54

Opening of the group exhibition of artworks, related to the theme of the Geuzenmaand (The works will be on display until 31 March at Museum Vlaardingen and KADE40, during opening hours).
Curator: Frans de Winter

What is Geuzenmaand?
The Geuzenmaand is a a global concept and tribute to people and organisations that oppose dictatorship, discrimination and racism. A beautiful and driven initiative that ensures a historical awareness. The ceremony has modest and honest character that fits the occasion. This event is of great significance for Vlaardingen (The Netherlands) and its surroundings.