Smash The Narrative | Alter Nation 2018 - Art Prize & Exhibiton

21 international artists, 3 prize winners. Oct 20 - Nov 24, GO Gallery Amsterdam.
One year ago I was asked by James - initiator and sponsor of this project to be a manager and organise the art prize & exhibition. At that time I had experience in organising smaller scale expos and was happy to challenge myself to organise a bigger one. I knew how and what, James knew what he wants. We made a team.
One of my tasks was to find a gallery, where the final exhibition and award can take place. We were lucky to start working with GO Gallery - very professional and friendly at the same time Oscar and Farud became great hosts for the art prize.

Congratulations! At this moment we know the winners of the 1st and the 2nd prize:
1 - Daria Tyurina
2 - Zoran Grorgiev
Who will become the winner of the 3dr prize we will know on November 24. You can vote for your favourite work while visiting GO Gallery Amsterdam!

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