I was honoured to exhibit my paintings at Fenixloods during South Explorer 2019.
Beautiful location, interesting light, wellknown place, place to be for young and all creative. Was happy to be part of this art rout. Thank you everyone who joined the exhibition and support us!
And thankful to Bianca van der Hulstand & Lea Theunissen for inviting me to be part of this exhibition.

Works exhibited:
"Attention" collection: "Blend in the environment", "I have it all... or not" and "Show off"

"No connection"-collection: "Asphyxiating and Hysterical" and "Connected"

Video: "Steel Wounds & Beaten Sounds"

Art-director: Julia Filament
Director of Photography: Jasper Van Gheluwe | Deer & Wolf Productions
Dancers: Alexandre May and Julia Gomez Aviles
Music: composed by Pete Harden | performed by Ensemble Klang