Still-life with oil paint.

It is always nice to share something, but what to share if you are busy with long-term projects? Being an artist is not only producing art, sometimes it is writing, planning, contacting people, visiting galleries, having appointments... Maybe not that fun, but has to be done.

In between those tasks I still try to practice some painting. In this video you can see me painting a still-life with oil paint.

After my Art & Design Institute I didn't paint any still-life for 3 years, especially not with oil paint! So, time to practice. Those little tasks help me to break my fears of colors and learn to depict the textures. And it is awesome meditative process.

Paint I use is different, one of the brands is Rembrandt (famous Dutch brand of fine oils).

Here you can find it if you live in Netherlands:

Filmed and Edited by: Julia Filament