Steel Wounds & Beaten Sounds

The project which is a result of cooperation between 3 dimensions of visual arts - fine art, video and dancing, delicately complemented by music.

Based on "No connection" concept together with Jasper Van Gheluwe (video), Alexandre May and Julia Gomez Aviles (dancers) we recreated the paintings and breathed the life into them.

First the environment was created, same as in paintings, background which you don't notice from the first view, but at the same time there are massive walls limiting the freedom.

Then dancers came in that room, they were painted in style and started to move. It was unusual fantastic feeling to see them moving, freely exploring their feelings and transforming them into the movement. It was captured by camera with all sensitivity and later composed in the great synchronisation with music, which gave it a specific flavour and rhythm.

Art-director: Julia Filament
Director of Photography: Jasper Van Gheluwe | Deer & Wolf Productions
Dancers: Alexandre May and Julia Gomez Aviles
Music: composed by Pete Harden | performed by Ensemble Klang

"You see?"

Amazing performance created by a talented young choreographer Julia Gomez Aviles in collaboration with 8 dancers from Codarts University (Rotterdam). Music was created by Alberto Granados Reguilon and played by orchestra musicians.

In this collaboration artists used the concept of "No connection" to show "blindness" of person and represent it in different deep philosophical meanings, based on modern society.

"I don't think we go blind. I think we are blind. Blind but seeing. Blind people who can see but they do not see."
- Jose Saramago.

Julia Gomez Aviles took the concept of the paintings and, inspired by it, recreated her own vision of "No connection". What Julia’s Filament paintings said to me:

OWN reality vs GLOBAL reality

Video by: Felipe Pipi
Choreography by: Julia Gomez Aviles
Music by: Alberto Granados Reguilon
Inspired by "No connection" collection by JFilament
Thanks to AKOM Ensemble and Codarts.

Poster design by JFilament