Now & Then Exhibition | Thematic Art Exhibition (May 2017)

A great project initiated by Julia Filament, conceptual exhibition where every artist was invited to present his/her old project and a current project.

"When new people come to Rotterdam, they only see what the city looks like nowadays: beautiful and ordered. As if it's always been like it is nowadays. It is hard to imagine that one day it was different; it was destroyed by war, and had to be build up again from zero.
The same principle applies to artists. When a viewer looks at current works of art, they are mostly not aware which process preceded this result. Simply, because they've never seen the process of creating, leaving former results and starting all over again too, to make the art even better.
It seems to be evident instead, that the artist is capable of what he can do nowadays. But only by examining their development, one realises how important it is that an artist keeps on developing their skills, and to not give up. Only by persisting, an artist can achieve what he's aiming for.
The same principle works for every person: keep on going and you will achieve the result, even though in the beginning it seems to be too difficult, too small, to childish."

4 organisers, in the beginning completely strangers, who never worked together before... Huma Birgul, Julia Filament, Jessica van Deursen and Marit de Wit.
15 artists, 8 different nationalities in total!
More than 30 works of art, including paintings, drawings, installations, performance, conceptual food, videos...
Thank you everyone who took part in organising of this exhibition! Proud of all of us!

Video of event Dick Roelse en Nick van Luyk from Roelse Media Albrandswaard
Photos by Replica Photography & Casper de Weerd
At Neck of the Woods Rotterdam, together with Eldorado 3000