Shireen Music | CD Cover & Booklet Design (2017)

I was honoured to create the digital art & design of the CD cover & booklet in collaboration with the photographer Ork de Rooij. It was amazing experience and freedom of creation specially for Shireen music band (

Shireen - Enigmatic Witchpop from the Netherlands
Following their debut EP in 2014 and the release of the first single UMAI in 2016, the Dutch band Shireen proudly present their long-awaited, first full-length album: MATRIARCH.

The project included 5 digital works of art, used in the design of CD Cover, the Booklet with lyrics and CD itself. The logo was created in collaboration with Marijn Sies.

Front of the cover
Back of the cover
CD Design
Booklet pages
Images, used in web-design